Showrooms 2015-2016
worldwide (New York, Tokyo, Munich, Brussels, Taipei etc.)

The showroom design concentrates on the Bugatti brand values of Art, Forme, Technique and accentuates the technical fascination and exclusivity of the brand.

The Bugatti brand wall generates an associative sculptural background for the presentation of the car.

The heritage presentation presents exhibits of legendary Bugatti milestones which are accompanied by media elements.

The Bugatti DNA is reflected by a technical / artificially designed motor exhibit and an extensively designed large-format DNA book. A horizontal communication board made of high-quality special glass with integrated screens connects the brand wall with the heritage modules and facilitates the dynamics of the brand.

The lounge area is equipped with Bugatti lifestyle furniture made of carbon fibre and generates a dynamic and luxurious ambiance.

Services: Interiordesign

Awards: Automotive Brand Contest 2016 (Architecture Winner), ICONIC Awards 2016 (Winner Interior / Retail)