Biker Live Berlin 2011

A former generator factory in one of Berlins industrial monuments should be turned into a 24.000 sqm. motorcycle universe. Braunwagner developed the interior and communication concept in cooperation with Tilke.

History, freedom and engineering

Biker Live Berlin will become the mecca for the motorcycle industry. It will address a vast target group from chopper and touring enthusiast to those simply interested in motorcycles. It will consist of open garage areas, brand stores, gastronomy and areas for events and concerts. A corporate design has been developed and is first implemented in form of a concept manual and additional business plan.

Services: Interior Design, Communication Design
Cooperation: Tilke Engineers & Architects
Product Photography: BRAUNWAGNER

Concept Manual
Renderings: Tilke / BRAUNWAGNER
Text, Picture and Print: Steinert Medien GmbH